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How can a locksmith make a key from a photo?

How can a locksmith make a key from a photo?

how to make a key from a photo

Have you ever locked yourself out of your car or your home? We understand how frustrating it is and it’s even worse if you have lost all your original keys. So now the question is in such situations, how will you get your key? We are sure you’ll know whom you would like to contact and that’s a local Portland locksmith. With years of evolution in the locksmith industry, locksmiths have gained the skills and expertise to solve all your lock and key issues even when you have lost all your keys. Now there is an option to make a key and that’s with a photo. Yes, you heard it right. Now you may think how locksmith experts can make a new key from a photo? This is a question that might buzz your mind as you need to prepare yourself with the duplicate key to be served for a security purpose. 

What to do when you lose all your keys?

What do you do when you lose all your keys on the same day? We know, it sounds really bad. Don’t worry! It’s happened to all of us before. You lose your keys and wonder what to do? The best thing to do is remain calm and find a solution. And calling a professional locksmith is the best and most effective solution for all your lost keys. They will undoubtedly help you out with your lost key and make a duplicate one right on the spot. 

How does a locksmith make a duplicate Key from a Photograph?

The process of making a key from a photo is simple and easy. All you have to do is take a picture of your key with your phone and give it to the locksmith. Make sure you have a photo clicked in good lighting and from different angles. A highly skilled locksmith can easily make your key using photo-copying techniques. 

Once you send them the photos, the locksmith will first analyze the brand of the key. Because each brand of the key will have its own unique and distinct designs, which can help the locksmith with some basic information to make the key. 

After they identify the brand, it’s easy for them to determine and measure other factors such as:

  • Space and depth of the key cuts
  • Length of the key
  • Height of the key
  • Other distinguishable features. 

Once they find out all the information along with measurements, (they make a 3D model out of it). They will successfully create a new copy of the key from a blank key using computer-controlled laser cutters to trim down the design into an exact duplicate of the original.

This method may take time to make a duplicate key. But it is still considered a successful method of key duplication when you are left with no choice but a photo of your key. 

Why it’s important to have a photo of your key?

When you have a photo of your key, it’s easy to make a copy for anyone who needs one. This can be helpful if you lose your key and doesn’t have another way to get into your property or car. When situations like these arise, most of them think about completely changing the locks that can be an extra cost for you.


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While locksmiths have been making keys for hundreds of years, technology has made it easier than ever to give customers what they want. The ability to make keys from photos is certainly one of the many reasons that locksmiths are in such high demand. If you need help finding a locksmith, be sure to contact Locksmith Monkey today. We’ll do our best to connect you with our locksmith expert who can provide you with the service you need quickly and efficiently. Apart from making keys we also offer a wide range of Locksmith services from fixing the basic lock and key issue, repairs and installations, we cover it all.

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