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Home Burglary and Break-In Repair and Improvements

Home Burglary and Break-In Repair and Improvements

Your home is your place to feel safe and secure, and somewhere you can relax in without feeling like you are in danger. Although we try to keep our homes as safe as possible. We still cannot always prevent bad situations from happening. Such as burglaries, Home Burglary and break-ins. Fortunately, our Locksmith in Hillsboro OR are here to help improve your home’s security for you. With our 24 hour locksmith Portland Oregon, we can come to the rescue in no time.

Overall Reasons To Improve The Security Of Your Home:

  1. Let’s say you are going on vacation with your family, and no one will be home. You do not want to stress out on your week of relaxation about your home, and making sure that everything is okay. Several questions can come into mind that can have you feeling worried. Such as “Did I lock all the windows in the house?”. “Is the garage door closed?”. “Is our security system on?” . With the help of Locksmith Monkey, we can help improve all your security so that you do not need to worry about asking yourself these questions anymore.
  2. To prevent burglaries from happening. It is always good to have that EXTRA bit of security to ensure that your home is protected, and so is your family. Imagine your son or daughter is home alone and a burglar unlocks your front door and gets access to your home. Your children can be in danger of getting harmed by the criminal.
  3. Lastly,  if your children or family members open the door and are unaware that a burglar was knocking to come in, they can be letting a criminal inside. Having the right security and safety, as well as teaching family members to never respond to strangers is key.

How Locksmith Monkey Can Prevent Burglary Theft or Home Burglary:

The first thing we suggest you do is have a keyless entry to your home. Because thieves most likely have years of experience in this field, they know how to pick and break locks easily. Having a keyless entry to your home will make it impossible for them to do so without knowing the system code. They may want to go try your back door if they fail to get in from the front. Having a keyless entry through your back, as well as any other door openings to your home will not give them the ability to do so. This will ensure that only you and your family members can have access to unlock and lock the doors in your home through the secret codes.

Next, if you have a gate to your home, our team can step in and create special gate locks to make it very difficult for someone to get into your property. Having a gate ensures even more safety than if your home does not have one, and knowing that it has secure locks can often times scare robbers away from your property. We can give you a keypad code that only unlocks the gate after entering a password. We can also allow you to unlock the gate for someone by entering a number on your own mobile device, to ensure full safety.

Another way our specialists can ensure more safety in your home is by having an automatic lock on your front door and backdoor. Do you ever find yourself forgetting to lock the front door after you get inside? Maybe you had your hands full with groceries as you walked in, and forgot to lock it. Our team can provide your door with deadbolts so they can lock automatically for you once you close the door. This can help prevent anyone from coming in unwillingly!

Home Burglary Lock Repairs

Unfortunately, we cannot always prevent home’s from getting break-ins. If you have recently experienced a break-in, call our specialists at Locksmith Monkey immediately. We can fix and repair all of your locks that were broken and picked, and replace them for you with new and more reliable ones. We can even make special locks for the windows in your home, so that you can rest easy through the night knowing you are safe.

For Locksmith services, call Locksmith Monkey today! Our team offers 24 hour services to our clients, and our main goal is to keep you safe in your residential property. Call us today to schedule an in-home appointment!

Burglar breaking into a house Home Burglary
Burglar breaking into a house Home Burglary
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