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High-Security Locks are keeping Portland residents safe at night.

High-Security Locks are keeping Portland residents safe at night.

High-security locks

Portland, Oregon is one of the best places to live. But is Portland really safe? It’s one of the legitimate questions one should ask themselves. Of late Portland has been in newsreels because of the increase in property crime, especially at night. So, it has become necessary for all property owners in Portland to focus on upgrading their security to protect from unwanted late night visitors. As a result, High-security locks have been found to be the potential security solution that helps keep PDX residents safe at night. 

The safety and security of your property depend on the strength of the lock and key and the type of security system you have installed. The easier it is to copy a key, the higher the chances are to misuse it. With high-security locks, you increase the strength of your security by adding an extra layer of protection.

What are High-Security Locks?

High-security locks are specifically designed to provide a greater level of protection against break-ins, burglaries, or any other type of attempt to compromise your safety. These locks are complex, and can only be unlocked using high-security keys. They are equipped with reinforcement elements such as rods and plates on the door frame that makes it difficult for criminals to break-in. These locks are built using different techniques that helps to maximize your home or business security system and can only be installed by a professional locksmith.

What Makes High-Security Locks Different? 

High-security locks provide a robust security solution that most of the standard-grade ones don’t offer. These locks are a total package as they use specific features to protect the property from intruders. If you are planning to install these locks on your property, there are various parameters that you need to consider. Here’s a checklist to take into account:

  1. Metal Composition
  2. Bolt Strength
  3. Lock Cylinder Complexity
  4. Drill Resistance
  5. Pick Resistance
  6. High measure of key control

The above checklist will help you to evaluate the quality and choose the right one that gives a better security resilience to your property.

Benefits of using High-Security Locks to keep your home safe:

High-Security locks are the best available option in the market. It offers various benefits that ensure 100% safety and security to your home and business:

1. Nearly Impossible to pick

High-security locks offer various advantages because of it’s complex locking mechanism, and it responds to a specific pin that makes it nearly impossible to pick. Only a professional commercial locksmith can open high-security locks using specialized tools. 

2. Monitor the Locks Remotely

With the advancement in technology, the locksmith industry has transformed the way lock and key work. Since the high-security locks have built with advanced technology, it allows you to lock and unlock your door from any location with the use of a smartphone or a computer. You can also integrate an alarm system with these locks so that you get a security alert if someone tries to tamper-in.  

3. Easy Customization

These locks offer easy customization based on your particular security needs and requirements. In case you have multiple locations to upgrade the security, you can customize each lock to meet the security standards.

4. Cost-Effective

Considering Installing high-security locks as a one-time investment for your home or business can help you save your money in the long run. With the traditional lock and key, you can’t avoid the intruders as they can easily break-in into your property. Once your property gets tampered with by the thieves, it can cause huge loss and cost you to fix everything and get your property back on track. So, if you have these locks installed, you can avoid the risk of damage to your property. 

5. Keys are difficult to duplicate

Nowadays it’s a piece of cake to duplicate keys and misuse them. But, with high-security locks, you can be worry-free as they offer a solid security solution for your property. The keys used for these locks have a unique patented design that can’t be used by anyone hence, making it highly impossible to duplicate. Only a commercial locksmith can duplicate the key that makes your home and business extremely safe. 

Locksmith Monkey: Your one-stop-solution for High-Security Locks

Locksmith Monkey in Portland

High-security locks are a great option to upgrade your security for homes and businesses. Now they are available with different features and finishes. Because of their unique tamper-proof design, it adds an extra level of safety and security to your property. If you are looking for a high-security lock installation for your home or business in Portland, contact Locksmith Monkey now. We have a team of well trained and licensed locksmiths who can install high-security locks that provide 100% safety. We believe in providing safe and secure services as your safety is our priority. 

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