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High Security Locks Advantages

High Security Locks Advantages

High Security Locks Advantages

Your door lock is the most effective burglary deterrent. Majority of burglaries take place through the front or back door, so knowing who holds the keys to your house is crucial. If you move into a newly-purchased home, change the locks. Choosing the right lock can be a difficult task due to the vast variety of prices and quality available. Learn how high-security locks work.

High-Security locks use stronger materials in their manufacture

The most common residential lock material is conventional steel, which is easily drillable. Alternatively, high-security locks made of brass or steel are more secure. The cylinders are sometimes reinforced with a steel plate. However, these attributes do no make the lock impervious to drilling, but they do extend the time required to drill the lock significantly. Avoid Locks that have plastic components. It is important to have a quality lock that uses a strong metal, and that has a lot of it. There should be some mass to a high-security lock in order to make it more secure!

Pay attention to the design of your lock

Although there are many different lock designs, some provide a greater level of security than others, even among high-quality brands. There are three kinds of deadbolts: horizontal deadbolts, vertical deadbolts, and doorknob locks. A spring-powered doorknob lock is easy to break. Therefore, avoid them on external doors.

Deadbolts are the most common lock. The bolts are positioned horizontally on the door frame so they can move back and forth in the door frame. Most residential doors will be fitted with this type of lock as it works well and is found on most of them. Even so, it is possible to remove the horizontal throw from the door frame and break the lock. Because of this, it is very important to make sure that you use a lock that has a longer reach since it will go even further into the frame, making it more difficult to break it away from the frame.

You may want to consider installing a vertical deadbolt, if you want a design that cannot be easily pried open. This type of lock does not have a locking mechanism on the outside of the house, which makes it practically impossible to pry it open from the outside of the house.

The cost of High-Security Locks

There is no doubt that price is an important factor when it comes to locks. Using better components and techniques increases the cost of a lock. In other words, you don’t necessarily need a fancy lock, but you also don’t want the cheapest. When it comes to selecting the outside door locks for your house, it is important to take into account the upper range of your budget. Don’t forget what it is that you are striving to safeguard! It is impossible to ensure that a residential lock will keep a burglar from breaking into your residence, but a high-security lock can serve as the determining factor between a burglar being effective in gaining entry into your home or not.

Safety of high security locks

As opposed to standard door locks, high security locks have additional pins which provide added security making them harder to get pried open.

Moreover, It is not uncommon for high-security locks to use secondary mechanisms in addition to tumbler pins, to make them less prone to prying. In this case, it’s harder to pick the lock making your home more secure.

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