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Gun Safe Lockout Case: Locksmith Monkey

Gun Safe Lockout Case: Locksmith Monkey

A Safe is one of the security elements that are essential to keep all your important documents, jewelry, cash, firearms, and other valuable items. There are different types of safes available, and you can choose them as per your requirements. If you own firearms, then having a gun safe is mandatory to keep all your firearms safe in one place. Now with the advancement of technology, safes are available with different modern locking systems. And these include traditional locking systems, electronic keypads, biometric fingerprint readers and more. However, there are chances that sometimes these locking systems may fail and you can get into gun safe lockout situation. This can happen due to various reasons like forgetting the lock combination or the lock system may stop working. 

At Locksmith Monkey, we get calls from a lot of customers saying, ‘I can’t open my safe’. This is one of the common issues that people face in Portland. And quite recently we got an inquiry for the same but this time it was a gun safe lockout. And our highly skilled locksmith Barak helped them unlock their gun safe. Keep reading this article to learn more about how our locksmith Barak helped our customer with the gun safe lockout. 

Our gun safe unlocking process:

When our customer ran into a gun safe lockout situation, it seemed impossible for them to get it unlocked. But our locksmith Barak made it possible. One of our specialities is understanding the issue and using the right tool and equipment to solve the issue. We implemented the same thing here as well. 

Customer identification

When we got a request for a gun safe unlocking service from our customer, as a first step in the process, we asked for the primary details such as:

  1. The issue with the gun safe
  2. Their location
  3. ID proof
  4. Firearm license

Once they provided all the details, we understood the issue and it also gave us the confirmation that the safe belongs to the individual who had requested the gun safe unlocking services. However, we also asked for the firearm license, and we confirmed the license too. 

it’s crucial to check the firearm license so that we don’t serve for wrong people with wrong reasons. 

Analyzing the issue:

After understanding the customer’s issue, our locksmith expert Barak and team reached the customer’s location with a fully equipped mobile van. Once we reached the location, they checked the gun safe and then strategized the unlocking process:


  • Since it was a keypad lock fail, it was difficult to crack the code so, we had to implement other unlocking methods. 
  • We implemented the drilling method. And this can be performed by a highly trained professional locksmith and Barak is best at what he does. 
  • At first, they removed the keypad from the safe and they determined the right spot to drill using a mini rig plate. 
  • And then they marked two points with proper measurement to drill two holes into the safe. 
  • Once the safe was drilled with holes, Barak inserted a borescope into the hole to get a clear picture of how to open the lock. 
  • And drilled the hard plate of the safe in order to bypass the faulty keypad lock without creating any damage to the safe. 
  • And then the safe was unlocked and the new S&G lock was installed
  • It took 2.5 hours to drill down the gun safe to unlock it and upgrade it with a new lock system with 100% accuracy.  

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Best locksmith services in Portland

Safes are an important security element one can consider adding to their property to secure all their valuables. But it’s frustrating if you can’t open your safe anymore due to various reasons. And that’s when we come to your rescue. Safes are built with specialized locking mechanisms and require specialized training to work on safe whether it’s installation, unlocking or repair. At Locksmith Monkey our locksmiths are specially trained and they are well versed with all the tools and techniques that they need to implement effectively without causing any damage to the safe or its valuables. 

From unlocking/opening, installing to repairing safes or vaults, we cover it all. Our highly skilled locksmiths can assist you with a wide range of safe options that are available in the market including combination locks, key locks, time locks and electronic locking.

Here’s a list of safe and vault locksmith services that we offer:

  • Safe cracking
  • Safe re-combination
  • Lock replacement
  • Installation and re­moval of safes
  • Burglar & environmental resistance safety measures
  • Combination change
  • Room sized fireproof vaults
  • Fire-resistant safes
  • Wall safes
  • Jewelry safes
  • Combination, key, time lock, electronic locks
  • Smart safe system installs and repairs

If you are in need of a safe locksmith in PDX, contact our team we will come to your rescue within minutes. 

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