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Forgot The Combination To Your Safe? This Is How To Open It!

Forgot The Combination To Your Safe? This Is How To Open It!

Forgot The Combination To Your Safe? This Is How To Open It!

Can’t remember your safe’s combination?

I Lost My Safe Combination! What are my options?

Even though electronic keypads, biometric fingerprint readers, and other modern locking devices are available for safes, traditional combination safe locks remain a popular option. This is because they do a good job of keeping property and cash secure. As effective as these safes are, they can also be time-consuming and difficult to open if the combination is forgotten or doesn’t work.

Forgotten or lost combination can be accessed in several ways. You can set a new code if the safe is open. Furthermore, a locksmith can make an override key if there is one. Of course, locksmiths can re-cover the safe’s original code if it’s locked or drill it professionally to continue using the safe.

No matter the reason, it’s advisable to call a professional locksmith to prevent damaging the lock and making it harder to fix or open. Professional locksmiths use various means to troubleshoot problems and open safes and they are experts in the field.

For example, Locksmith Monkey gets several calls a year from new homeowners or business owners who discover there is an in-floor safe in the house they just moved into.

Below you will find out what obstacles a locksmith can overcome to open a safe.

If you have forgotten your Safe’s combination, the following are your options:

Don’t worry if you can’t remember the combination for the safe. Even though it may seem ineffective, sometimes if you turn your attention away from what you are trying to remember, it may return. Make sure anyone with access to the safe hasn’t reset the combination.

When you verify that the combination hasn’t changed since the original purchase, you may be able to fix the issue quickly. Check the safe’s serial number, usually found on the side or on the back panel and call the manufacturer. It is likely they can recover the combination for you.

In case this isn’t possible, a skilled locksmith should be able to handle it.

What does it mean when the correct safe combination is not working?

Even with the correct combination, if the door won’t open, there may be a problem with the lever or hinges instead of the locking mechanism. The most common method of accessing the safe is to pry it open. You may have more success prying out the door and bolt work from the safe’s frame if you grease the hinges.

Generally, this method is not very effective and should be used with caution since it can damage the safe irreparably.

Your safe is not rotating or has a loose combination dial

Dials that don’t rotate or stick to certain numbers indicate a more serious problem. Consult the manufacturer before taking any other action. Depending on the warranty, a professional may be sent out at no additional charge to resolve the problem.

When a safe’s warranty is over, it’s time to call a locksmith. There is a reasonable chance the inner parts of the lock have broken or eroded to the point they block or disconnect the dial from the mechanical gears.

How Do Locksmiths Open Safes?

In some cases, locksmiths can open a safe by freeing the lock, repairing it or at least gaining access to the contents.


Locksmiths rarely open locked safes this way, but it’s possible. To cut into the safe, they use a torch or a saw. Safes are damaged by this process and should be avoided unless there are no other alternatives.


For the locksmith to see how to open the lock, a small hole can be drilled in the safe. As safes become more sophisticated, interior technology can make the job more challenging. However, it is often preferred because it is relatively quick and only requires minor repairs to return the safe to service.


Locksmiths insert borescopes into small holes in safes to get a better idea of how to open them. If additional security measures – such as glass re-lockers and manipulation-proof mechanical locks – are present, this is an effective and relatively inexpensive option.

 The Benefits of Calling a Locksmith!

Although many people avoid calling a locksmith because of the perceived cost, they often neglect to consider the cost of replacing a safe. Furthermore, safes are usually quite heavy and difficult to transport once damaged. As you attempt to open the safe, you may accidentally damage the valuables inside.

You should request a cost estimate from your locksmith before the locksmith works on your safe. This will help you decide whether a professional locksmith is necessary.

Locksmith Monkey has over 12 years’ experience in all types of locksmithing. Our family-owned company provides both residential and commercial locksmith services in Portland. With our dedicated work and commitment, we are the most trusted locksmith around. Do you have questions in opening your safe or need assistance with any locksmith needs? Get in touch with us to learn more! (503) 465-4595


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