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Ford Focus Ignition Repair in Portland, Oregon (OR)

Ford Focus Ignition 2000-06

If your key stuck inside your ignition you are in the right place.

Ford ignition problem are a common issue we constantly encounter. This issue is attributed to a Ford design flaw that was supposed to be recalled but never was because there was no safety concern. Furthermore, the problem arose in random years, irrespective of odometer reading. At this point Ford does not consider it a “safety” issue and has therefore not issued a recall on the ignition. Ford Ignition Problem (Focus)
Model Years Affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.

The problem is attributed to the materials used in the making of the wafers (also known as tumblers). The wafers begin to shed metal shavings and burr over time with regular use of the key. This problem can be further exacerbated with a heavy key chain or dust accumulation. The key is made of a stronger metal and therefore begins to wear the internal surfaces of the mechanism during regular operation. In some cases when then metal shavings are cast they may have a tendency to work their way in to the moving portions of the mechanism causing them to get stuck and then freeze in place. In other words, constantly using your key creates this unfortunate Ford ignition problem.

Ford Ignition Problem Failure Symptoms

Here are the most common Ford ignition problem symptoms; increased difficulty turning the ignition key, key sticking, or the ignition not turning without some jiggling. If you encounter any of these problems you should call a licensed automotive locksmith professional immediately before your ignition freezes completely.

Several online blogs recommend solving the Ford ignition problem by inserting the key and gently tapping it in, with the plastic end of a screw driver or a small mallet. We do not recommend any of these methods for several reasons. First, you may damaged the glass chip that is embedded in the plastic portion of the key. Second, the wafers could shed even more thereby clogging up the mechanism which results in your ignition freezing up completely. This means that what could have been a simple replacement may turn into a full drilling out of the ignition resulting in higher labor costs to replace.

Ford Ignition Problem Solutions

As we mentioned above we strongly recommend against using band-aid solutions that may cause your Ford ignition to freeze and make things even worse because the electronic coil around the ignition switch and the glass chip that is embedded into the key are very fragile and can be easily damaged. The Ford ignition lock cylinder is held in place by a retaining pin that needs to depressed to be able to remove the ignition. That pin can only be depressed when the ignition is in the ON/ACCESS position. If the technician is not able to turn the ignition to the ON position at least once, he or she will be forced to drill the ignition out which makes the entire procedure substantially more complicated because there are electronics surrounding the ignition. Call us once you recognize the Ford ignition problem as described above.

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Ford Focus Ignition Repair

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