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Fire Inspection Relations with Locksmith

Fire Inspection Relations with Locksmith

Fire Inspection Relations with Locksmith


Fast Emergency Exit Lock Install

In case you didn’t know, Locksmith Monkey is one of the only security companies available twenty four hours a day seven days a week,  assisting those who need our help with unfortunate security issues in Portland and surrounding areas.

Our professionals, who are on standby waiting to assist and who are sure to have the most up to date training on any security and lock system updates; are on stand bye waiting to assist.

So when it comes to not your typical lock or exit device, users may not be familiar enough with the device in an emergency; causing it to be a fire hazard on the Marshals report.

Most of these devices are not permitted by the local fire marshal or authority having jurisdiction, so it is very important to get our professional assistance before allowing the inspection to take place.


Here is where Locksmith Monkey can assist in preventing some possible fees and violations at a very reasonable cost.


If you’re building or renovating commercial property in Portland and the greater Metro area, passing a fire safety inspection from your local or state fire marshal is a requirement. fire inspection checklist.


Fire inspectors look at many items in your place of business. So that you may have a better idea and understanding of what to keep an
eye on in regard to maintenance, we have provided the following checklist:

Door/aisle is not obstructed.

  • Illuminated exit signs maintained in working order.
  • Proper lock/hardware onexit door.
  • Means of egress shall be kept clear. (No flush bolts, hasps, etc.)
  • Emergency lights maintained and in working order.
  • Exit doors open easily.
  • Doors with panic hardware shall have no other locking devices.
  • There is a sign over the main entrance, “This door to remain unlocked during business hours,” if the location near the main entrance for assembly occupancies. door has a double-keyed deadbolt. Maximum occupancy signage shall be posted in a conspicuous

Navigating the complex waters of Oregon’s fire safety regulations and fire codes isn’t straightforward or easy. Failing to pass an inspection leads to delays and added costs, so contrary to what many commercial contractors have experienced in the past, it is actually possible to pass a fire inspection on the first attempt depending on the size of the building, there can be a great number of parts and pieces involved in a commercial fire system.

Various wires, connections, and hardware have to be installed to code for the entire system to pass an inspection.


To pass your test and prevent further fees for fire inspection.


Locksmith Monkey has the tools and ability to get this job done in a very timely manner. Once you contact us available 24/7 we will meet with you in order to provide the proper equipment available to meet inspection standards and assist in your the best resolutions. Meticulously testing and fixing problems along the way is the best way for Locksmith Monkey to ensure that your project will pass on the first try.  A variety of equipment may be needed to meet specific fire code requirements depending on the type, use, and size of the building. Many types of commercial buildings in Oregon have special fire code requirements, such as: Adult Foster Homes, Schools and many other businesses.


Avoiding Fines in Fire Inspection

Panic-Bar lock repair

Panic-Bar lock repair



There are fines associated with getting a fire inspection.

The fees differ based on the location of your building and if you are up to date in each category. If your alarm contractor fails several fire inspections, those fines can add up quickly. Not to mention the work being done on your alarm system between each inspection could be pretty pricey as well, putting a damper on business until it is fixed and adding all fees and fines for a misfortunate outcome.

This is why it is important to pass, so Locksmith Monkey will do all we can to assist in making that happen now and for future inspections.




Hire a Locksmith Monkey technician that knows the ins and outs of commercial fire code requirements if you want to pass in the first round of inspections.  we helped commercial clients navigate complex fire codes and pass Oregon fire inspections now lets help you.

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