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How To Use Locksmith Portland During Evictions

If you’re a landlord who is placed in a position of undertaking an eviction of tenants in your rented or leased property you’ll want to ensure you engage a quality eviction locksmith who has the experience and tools to change your locks and ensure the property is safe and secure after the tenant has vacated.

Evictions can be unpleasant and the eviction process can be stressful for property owners and after a period of not receiving rental income eviction is often a last case resort and the only way to ensure tenants are removed from your property.

Landlords who have had to evict tenants should seriously consider changing the locks to their property to ensure the house, apartment or commercial property is safe and any disgruntled former tenant is not tempted to re-enter the property for any reason.

Eviction locksmiths provide a valuable service to property owners, changing the locks to ensure rented premises are protected, and former tenants cannot access the property without your knowledge and permission.

Services Sheriff Eviction locksmiths may assist with after the eviction process include:

  • Changing all external locks to your property
    Should you need to change your locks following the eviction process a qualified locksmith can work to not only change the locks but also set up additional security mechanisms to ensure future tenants and their belongings are protected adequately.
  • Safeguarding your property including interiors and exterior areas
    Once you have changed the locks to your property you might wish to explore the idea of reviewing and updating any additional security in your property. Consider deadbolts, electronic alarm systems and ensure you have locks on all of your patio doors, gates and garages so that your tenants are adequately protected.

Even if tenants are not being evicted and they have returned your keys it’s important to be aware that they may have made extra keys and the only way to ensure your property is 100% safe is to change the locks to ensure it is secure.

If you’ve been involved in an eviction and need the locks changed in your property, engaging a qualified and experienced locksmith such as Locksmith Monkey that handles the matter in a discreet and timely manner is essential for the smooth running of the eviction process.

New locks, rekeying, repairing or replacing locks is Locksmith Monkey’s specialty and our mobile locksmith services carry the tools and locks required to ensure eviction locksmith services that are prompt and professional, so you have the peace of mind your property is safe from disgruntled tenants following an eviction.

Locksmith Monkey successfully assists property owners in the Portland area with a full range of locksmith services including eviction locksmith services. We work with residential and commercial properties and provide our services around the clock to ensure your property is secure and free from harm.

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