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Choosing a Smart Lock for Your Business

Choosing a Smart Lock for Your Business

Choosing a Smart Lock for Your Business

The smart lock has become a necessity in homes and workplaces. You must protect your information and workforce. For this reason, that’s why choosing a smart lock for your business is so imperative.

Of course, there is no denying the fact that smart locks are becoming a vital part of our homes and offices in order to keep them safer.  As a result, homeowners and businesses are able to control their locks remotely with the help of this device. These locks can be controlled remotely via a mobile phone or a key fob using Bluetooth or Wifi technology.

If you wish to buy the right smart lock, it is imperative that you understand its critical features in order to make a wise decision about your purchase. Before buying a smart lock, it is very crucial to take into consideration the following essential factors:

What is the battery life of the Smart Lock?

Batteries power smart locks. Motors, LEDs, and wireless chips draw battery power. Battery-powered smart locks are most common in homes and offices without electric wiring. Quality batteries last longer, so they’re essential. Monitoring the battery life ensures the lock is working properly.

Is Auto-Unlock functional?

Locking and unlocking mechanisms of doors are made easier with smart locks. You can set the lock timer to lock and unlock the door according to your needs. A mobile device can open some Smart Locks when it’s close to the door. By turning the doorknob, you can open the door.

Can failure backups be performed?

In a world where technology takes over, we need to be prepared. Any device can stop functioning without warning. It is important to have a backup power system because they rely on batteries or electricity.

If our smartphones are down or their batteries are low, a keypad can save the day.

Is the smart lock accessible to guests?

When you have visitors, some smart lock apps allow them access. Access rights can be revoked at any time, allowing temporary access for users.

Does it work with other devices?

You should install other automatic devices from the same brand if you currently have any. Devices may need to be paired with each other. Each manufacturer makes their own designs that are interconnected with other devices from the same brand, which makes it easy to link them.

Making your conventional deadbolt smart

A conversion kit allows you to take advantage of Smart Lock features without replacing your old lock. With these kits, you can add smart capabilities to traditional locks.

Are smart locks affordable?

As far as smart locks go, they come in various shapes and sizes, with various features, and their prices change based on what they can do for you. As soon as we have assessed your requirements, we will be able to provide you with a detailed quote based on your requirements. In terms of smart locks, it is extremely important that you are aware that you are not going to have to break the bank in order to have them installed because they are not too expensive and will not break the bank either.

Once installed make sure your door is balanced.

The balance of the door plays a crucial role in smart locks. Incorrectly aligned doors will cause the Smart Lock to fail. Deadbolts should fit perfectly into strike plates once the lock is released, locking the door in one motion.

Please call  (503) 465-4595 for more information. In addition to helping you install a smart lock at your business, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.


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