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Choosing a Locksmith over a Dealership for Car Key Replacement

Choosing a Locksmith over a Dealership for Car Key Replacement

Choosing a Locksmith over a Dealership for Car Key Replacement

Are you having trouble finding your car keys? Our mobile locksmiths are available 24/7.

The loss or theft of your car keys can be a serious inconvenience that impedes your daily activities. Be calm when that happens. There are several options you can choose from, including contacting your dealership or hiring a mobile locksmith. When compared to calling a dealership, calling a locksmith has many benefits.

The preferred alternative to calling a dealership in Portland, Milwaukie, Cedar Mill, Beaverton, Oak Grove and nearby cities in Oregon is to contact a mobile automotive locksmith. This is when you lose your keys or have them stolen.

When it comes to car key replacement, locksmiths have numerous advantages over dealerships

Dealerships are much more expensive.

You may end up having to pay more money if you call a dealership for a new key instead of calling a locksmith. It is not a coincidence that auto dealerships are often criticized for charging high prices for car parts, including keys. The cost of buying a brand-new smart key or key fob from a dealership could be hundreds of dollars as compared to the cost of a locksmith.

If you lose your car key, you can have it replaced and save money on replacement costs by calling a mobile locksmith. It is possible to create keys for most types of cars with Locksmith Monkey, including:


You will be able to get back on the road faster with the assistance of a mobile locksmith.

Getting your key replaced or your ignition fixed at a dealership requires an appointment. The dealership may be booked, which could lead to a long wait. Until then, it would be necessary to rent a car or borrow one from family or friends.

In contrast, a locksmith can meet you wherever you are and assist you immediately.

In most cases, a locksmith can reach your location in 30 minutes. Once they arrive and verify you own the car, they can quickly create a new key or key fob for you. In this way, if you call a locksmith, your normal life can continue faster than if you call a dealership.

The process of getting your car to the dealership can also be challenging

The process of getting your car to the dealership would also be problematic. In the event that you were unable to start it, a tow truck would be required, which would raise the cost.

Almost all problems related to keys can be handled by locksmiths

Many people assume that only a dealership can provide car key replacements with a chip or transponder, and that locksmiths don’t have those tools. A locksmith is usually equipped to repair or replace a stuck ignition switch and replace any type of vehicle key.

In case of emergency, call a locksmith

Unlike a dealership, a locksmith can help you at any time, day or night, no matter where you are.

You can count on Locksmith Monkey to help you with vehicle key replacement, ignition repair, and other emergencies at home or at work in Portland, Oregon and adjacent cities. In most cases, our mobile locksmiths are able to replace car keys quickly and affordably. We will usually be able to assist you within 30 minutes of your call if your car keys are missing or stolen. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We can be reached at (503) 866-9922 if you need any assistance


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