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Can a replacement ignition key be made without the original key?

Can a replacement ignition key be made without the original key?

Can a replacement ignition key be made without the original key?

If you lose your car keys, you might need to make an ignition key. These kinds of situations always occur at a time when you can’t afford to be late.

Having an experienced locksmith on hand to help you with a car key replacement or ignition switch repair is important.

If your car is valuable, you can’t just call any “locksmith near me” because you might risk working with the wrong people. Our team is here to help you with car key FOB repair.

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The Ignition Code: How Do I Find It?

It is only natural that the first thing you should do when you lose your car key is grab the spare and use that. Suppose, however, you don’t have a spare key? The good news is that there is another option.

The only way to replace the key is to have a professional locksmith make the replacement unless you plan on removing the entire unit.  The ignition code is usually given to the owner of the car when they purchase the vehicle. If the code is not available, the locksmith will have to use other methods to make the duplicate key. In some cases, the entire lock must be replaced.

There are four places to find the ignition code:

  • Vehicle documentation
  • The key has a code engraved on it
  • The car’s glove compartment, for starters, has a metal plaque with the information
  • An engraved or scratched lock

Could the ignition switch be replaced?

Here are the steps you can follow if your locksmith recommends replacing the ignition switch rather than making an ignition key:

Remove the ignition switch

If the steering column is in the way, you’ll need to disconnect your car battery. By removing the steering wheel trim, you should be able to see the ignition switch. To release the ignition switch, turn the lock to accessory and press the release pin.

Install the replacement

The second step is to replace the ignition switch by your locksmith.  Similarly to the original, the replacement switch has a release pin, which needs to be pressed before sliding into its position.

After it is securely fitted, the battery can be reconnected to see if everything turns properly and the car starts. Whenever the ignition switch fails, the battery should be disconnected and the process repeated until the car starts.

 Should you get a replacement key when you change the ignition switch?

There will be a new set of keys to go along with a new ignition switch. There will now be two keys to carry around; one for ignition, and one for unlocking the doors. This should ensure that the car is more secure and only those with the correct key can access it. It will also help to reduce the chances of theft. Additionally, it will be more difficult for unauthorized individuals to start the car.

This is because if the same lock is used for the doors and the ignition switch, there is a greater risk that someone could break into the vehicle and start it without the key. Having a separate ignition key ensures that the vehicle can only be operated with the correct key, thus making it much more secure.

In conclusion

The right way to do the job is by hiring a reliable locksmith professional. Providing ignition switch repairs and car lock replacement services to helpless drivers is what Locksmith Monkey does best.

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