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Business Break-In Lock Repair

Business Break-In Lock Repair

Business Break-In Lock Repair

We provide fast and reliable emergency locksmith services.  In addition, we respond quickly and provide certified technicians.

Having a commercial property broken into often leads to damage. In some cases, burglars will force their way through a door or window, even tampering with or simply breaking the locks in order to gain access. It is vital that you pay attention to damaged or non-functional locks in order to avoid your property being exposed to even increased amounts of potential losses and damage.

With our commercial locksmiths, our team of professionals can offer superior security to your business, offering 24-hour emergency locksmith services that you can rely on to bring your business back up to speed.

You can count on our locksmith company for round-the-clock service, even on holidays and weekends. Get in touch with our commercial locksmiths and receive a complimentary estimate!

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Ensure that your commercial property, such as a storefront or an office building, is not exposed to any additional damage. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled methods, our technicians are able to provide outstanding locksmith services. Learn more about our burglary repair services and get a free, no-strings-attached quote from our local locksmiths.

Here’s how our commercial locksmiths can assist you

Various types of locks protect commercial spaces, including offices, rooms, and documents. If you would like to increase the security of your business after a recent break-in or to prevent break-ins and burglaries, our locksmiths can install high-quality locks, replace old locks, and repair damaged locks, from filing cabinets to supply rooms. Get in touch with us if you would like to increase the security of your business.

Re-keying or changing the locks on your property

The importance of scheduling prompt lock replacement and re-keying after a break-in cannot be overstated. The locks on your business’ doors and more could be breached even if the break-in was disrupted, potentially leading to further damage and increasing the possibility of a repeat break-in. Replace damaged locks as soon as possible. A high-security lock that is almost impossible to pick and highly resistant to damage is also recommended by us for businesses and commercial properties. Get your locks replaced and re-keyed by Locksmith Monkey!

Providing door lock repairs

You can rely on Locksmith Monkey for all your security needs regarding your commercial property. We have a team of locksmiths that can carry out lock repairs as well as re-keying locks for you. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about your business being burglarized anymore. We can also repair damaged or non-functioning high-security locks caused by an attempted break-in if you’ve just installed them! In addition to ineffective locks, other types may function improperly as a result of burglaries. We offer a full range of locks installation, repair, and/or replacement services tailored to meet your specific needs for an increased level of security.

Extracting jammed keys

Are you in need of replacing keys and locks? The problem with some locks is they are durable at first, but after a while, and with regular use (or if a break-in occurs), these types of locks can negatively impact how they function over time and over time. During this period of wear and tear, your key may get stuck inside the lock’s internal mechanisms, making it impossible for you to get in or out. In case of a jammed key, we recommend calling our commercial locksmiths for fast and quality service. It is our priority to provide you with fast and reliable lock repair, replacement, or re-keying service. With us, you can be back to work in no time.

Protect your business, and valuables with Locksmith Monkey. We’re Portland‘s #1 locksmith. Contact us at (503) 866-9922. We are available 24/7.



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