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Broken car key? Locksmith Monkey in Portland can help you!

Broken car key? Locksmith Monkey in Portland can help you!

Broken Car Key repair
Broken Car Key repair

It’s a joy to own one of your favourite cars in Portland and drive across the city. But have you ever imagined what would you do if a mishap happens? One of the most common mishaps with a car is a “broken car key”. Well, we understand how frustrating it is if your car key snaps while you are having a good day. 

There are various reasons for which your car key can break. One of the obvious reasons is either the key getting stuck in the ignition or the lock. Most people tend to forcefully remove the key from the ignition or the lock that can cause instant damage to the ignition switch or lock. That can even affect the locking mechanism and result in an expensive repair to get back to your car. 

When you are in a troublesome situation, only an automotive locksmith in Portland can help you solve your broken key problem. We at Locksmith Monkey offer a wide range of automotive locksmith services, including broken car key services for different car brands. Be it any car brand, make and model, our highly skilled auto locksmiths can extract your broken key within minutes. If your car key is broken and looking for the right solution, then this article is just for you, we have tried to explain how Locksmith Monkey in Portland can help you get back on track. 

How do car keys break?

Let’s see how exactly the car keys break. Most people think that it’s quite uncommon for car keys to break because of their durability. But the fact is, car keys do break for various reason and here are the most common reasons to consider:

  1. Due to wear and tear over time.
  2. Rough handling of the keys can cause cracks in the keys can break it eventually.
  3. Keys can break due to external damage.
  4. Key getting stuck in the lock or ignition.
  5. Trying to forcefully remove the key from the lock if it gets stuck.

It’s important to take utmost care of your car keys as it is the major component that gives access to your car.

Most common broken key problems:

Here are some of the most common broken key problems we encounter on a day to day basis from our customers: 

  • Twisted or bent keys
  • Damaged or worn-out keys
  • Broken locks
  • Key stuck in the ignition
  • Key broken in the ignition
  • Broken and damaged transponder chips

We understand every type of broken key problem and provide the most effective solution for the same. 

What to do in case your car key snaps?

As discussed above the modern-day car keys are usually durable but they can break for various reasons. However, a broken car key is not an unsolvable issue. Sometimes your car key may get stuck or get broken in the ignition switch due to which you will not be able to start the car. When you face such a situation, it’s quite risky to remove the damaged or broken key all by yourself as it needs the skill and the right tools to remove the broken pieces without causing any damage. So, instead of getting panicked the best way to deal with the situation is to get immediate assistance from a car locksmith in Portland. All you have to do is contact Locksmith Monkey, we will provide you immediate assistance to fix your broken key.

Our car Key Extraction Process:

When your car key breaks or gets stuck inside a lock or ignition, it needs to be extracted using specialized tools. At Locksmith Monkey we take care of your car key extraction by using a broken key extraction tool. This process is super simple, and we have years of experience in removing broken car keys. As a first step in the process:

  1. We lubricate the lock to ease the key extraction process.
  2. Once the lubricant is applied, we use the broken key extraction tool to hold the broken key and pull it out easily. 
  3. We make sure to extract the broken key without damaging the locking mechanism during the extraction process.
  4. We usually take 15-20 minutes to remove your broken key from the lock or ignition. However, the time may vary depending on the complexity of the issue. 
  5. Once we remove your broken key, we provide you with a spare key with several copies if required. 

Locksmith Monkey in PDX can replace your broken car key:

Locksmith services in Portland

If you are looking for a car key repair expert in PDX? Locksmith Monkey can help you! Our automotive locksmiths have years of experience to remove your broken key from the lock or ignition. Even if your key is damaged beyond repair, we make sure to provide you with a replacement car key that will help you regain access to your car. We use the right tools and equipment to extract the broken key and replace your car keys. Whether you stuck in the middle of the road, with a broken key we come to your rescue. We solve all your lock and key issue right on the spot. All you have to do is give us a call and let us know your type of issue, location and car model we will come to you within minutes. 

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