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Big Truck and 18-Wheeler Lockout: How Locksmith Monkey is committed to keeping you on road without missing a beat

Big Truck and 18-Wheeler Lockout: How Locksmith Monkey is committed to keeping you on road without missing a beat

Locksmith Monkey in Portland

Trucks are the heavy-duty vehicles used for carrying goods from one place to another. These big truck and 18 wheeler are always on wheels and, sometimes the truck drivers face unpredicted situations like breakdowns, getting locked out or might lose keys. This can not only happen to car owners but also to the professional truck drivers. 

There are so many incidents like these we Locksmith Monkey in Portland have encountered. Recently, one of our valued customers who was driving the big rig, called us after he was stranded with a large shipment. We got all the necessary information from the customer to help solve their issue. Our auto locksmith expert Barak unlocked the truck and got our customer back on track in no time. 

How did our locksmith expert reach our customer location to rescue?

Locksmith Monkey has years of experience and expertise in auto locksmith services. Our experts are highly skilled in opening most of the common big truck models of all brands. Since we provide mobile locksmith services, we are always on wheels to serve our valuable customers irrespective of the location in Portland. As soon as we get a call, our locksmith experts ask all the necessary details such as issue they are facing, vehicle brand and model and their location. Once we get all the details, we reach their location in no time. We have unlocked many big trucks of different brands at different locations seamlessly. We always come for your rescue with legitimate auto locksmith solutions. 

How did our locksmith get back into the truck without a key?

As an auto locksmith expert, Barak opens the vehicle doors as quickly as possible. With his expertise in using specially designed tools and equipment, it was possible to unlock the truck door quickly without causing any damage.

If you ever get locked out from your truck in PDX, we highly recommend you not to try to bust the window or try to open your truck door by yourself. Instead, call Locksmith Monkey! This is for obvious reasons that if you try to unlock the door by yourself it can damage the locks and its mechanism. So, as a professional locksmith service provider, we are trained and certified. And we know how to use the right tools and techniques to unlock your truck door without causing any damage. We pride ourselves in providing services combined with attention to detail to solve your issue in no time. 

How Locksmith Monkey offers key duplication services for your Big Truck and 18 Wheeler:

Having a spare key is always better and you can prevent the lockout situation. But, if you lose your keys or get locked out of your truck we at Locksmith Monkey, provide key duplication services onsite. Our auto locksmith experts can copy your key and duplicate it . Be it any brand or model, we always have the keys in stock that you need. We provide on-site services like key cutting, copying, ignition repair, lock replacement, key programming and more. 

Brands covered:

Our auto locksmith experts have years of experience in unlocking trucks of all brands. Our customers often get impressed with the quality work we offer. We have the tools to unlock every truck brand and model. At Locksmith Monkey, we provide auto locksmith services for the most popular truck brands such as:

InternationalVolvo Trucks
MitsubishiIsuzu NPR
Nissan UDFuso, Mack and more

What to do if I get locked out of my Big Truck and 18 Wheeler?

  1. If you get locked out of your truck, the first thing to do is not to panic and try to remain calm. 
  2. Do not try to unlock your truck door by yourself as it can cause damage and might cost you later. 
  3. Search for a professional auto locksmith near you who can help you get back into your truck safely in no time. 
  4. Keep the following information ready for your auto locksmith: Truck brand and model, registration number, personal identification number, type of key, your exact location. 

Call Locksmith Monkey in PDX to get back into your 18-wheeler!

Locksmith services in Portland

If you get locked out or lose your big truck and 18-wheeler key, you need not worry. Now you can easily find a professional auto locksmith near you in Portland. But always keep in mind that most locksmith companies provide automotive services only for standard vehicles. But only a few are experts who deal with heavy vehicles like trucks. 

We at Locksmith Monkey offer roadside locksmith assistance for trucks of different brands and models. No matter where you are in Portland our auto locksmiths are here to help you and get you back on the road. If you are looking for auto locksmith services in Portland Oregon, please free to contact us anytime. 

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