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Bicycle Lock Tips And Care By Locksmith Monkey

Bicycle Lock Tips And Care By Locksmith Monkey

Many individuals own bicycles as a way of transportation to get to and from places. Bicycles are very useful and a great thing to have, especially when you want to get somewhere quickly. They are also great for exercising and staying healthy/in shape. Although bicycles may seem very simple, there are certain things you have to do to take care of them. Our Cheap Locksmith Portland specialists will share with you tips and tricks to keep your bike secure at all times. We will also provide you with information on what to do when you have lost keys for your bicycle, and what to do when they do not work.

Tips To Secure Your Bike

Our first tip to secure your bike is to always lock it, wherever you are. Locking it firmly will guarantee it to remain safe at all times of the day, and no one will be able to access and unlock it. Since bicycle riding is very popular and common in Portland, there may be a chance that individuals can try to steal bikes from others. Choosing to lock it wherever you park it should allow you to feel relieved knowing it is safe and secure. Also, if you are in an area or neighborhood with a higher risk of crime, using reliable brands for your bicycle are highly recommended by our specialists.


Next, Locksmith Monkey advises you to pick the right brand, which will ensure the most security and safety. Popular brands our experts suggest that are easiest to use are:

  1. Kryptonite
  2. Master
  3. Tigr Lock
  4. Knog Strongman
  5. Blackburn, etc.

By getting secure chain locks, U-Locks, wire/cables locks, and padlocks from these brands will give you the most satisfaction and best performance.

Overall, U-locks give the most security for a bicycle, as it fastens around your bike with durability. U-locks are the most common and popular types of locks used on bikes, especially around Portland. It offers more protection, has a horseshoe shape that fits well between bicycle parts, and can be affordable. You can also pick different sizes, but we recommend the biggest size to offer more protection.

Chain locks are also great locks for areas of high crime. The chain is very durable and thick, so it will be hard for a thief to try and steal your bike. A con about chain locks that we find is that it is heavy, and may be more problematic for you.

Cable locks will be the most affordable solution to locking your bike, and they are lightweight and stretchable to work with. They can tie up and reach different parts of your bike for better security. The only con to this type of lock is that it is easy to cut through with pliers if a thief wants to steal the bike, because of the thin wiring. If you are in an unsafe area, we suggest that you do not use a cable lock, but rather a U-lock or chain instead.

It is very important to make sure to get a chain or even a U-lock that has a very tight fit. Because there are experts out there who have experience with stealing bikes, having a tight bicycle will make it very hard for them to do so.

Lastly, always make sure your bike is locked leaning against something, either a wall, a pole or an object to ensure that it will not tip over or lifted. Having it remain in place will guarantee more safety towards it.

Avoiding Rusty Locks For Your Bicycle

Because of the cold and rainy weather in Portland, OR, it is very important to maintain your bicycle and keep your locks from rusting through weather conditions. Just by using lubricants and cleaning the locks several times per year will really make a difference. The Locksmith Monkey team can help fix your lock if it is already rusted, but to avoid so, cleaning it should prevent it from happening. You can ask our specialists which cleaning materials we recommend to keep your bike looking new. In general, cleaning your entire bicycle will prevent any unfortunate events to happen to it, and it will always have it looking in great shape.


My Key Is Lost, What Do I Do?

If you lost your key, you will need to contact our specialists at Locksmith Monkey. The best part about our services is that we work 24 hours per day, so we will arrive anytime you need us to. Our team can unlock your specific lock brand easily, as we have experience with all bicycle lock brands. With our tools and materials, we can make you a new key for your bike.

Along with replacing your key, our team will make you a duplicate copy of it, so that this situation does not persist in the future, and you will always have a spare.

My Key Doesn’t Work, What Do I Do?

If you are having this problem, it may be because your lock is jammed on your bicycle. Over time, this can happen as it is very common. It may be one of two things: either your key does not go into the lock like it did before, or your key does not want to turn and unlock or lock the bike. This can happen from many different things. It is either from:

  1. Rust inside the lock is blocking the key from properly functioning
  2. There is dirt in the lock or on your key that is stopping it
  3. Weather changes are affecting it (rain, snow, etc.)
  4. You will need to call Locksmith Monkey to help fix this issue.

Locksmith Monkey can easily fix this for you. We may need to open up the lock internally to see what is going on, add oil to the parts for more smooth functioning, and possibly make you a new set of keys.

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