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Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Doorknobs and Locks

Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Doorknobs and Locks

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Every property is equipped with doorknobs and locks but are you aware that your choice of door hardware could affect your health? Yes, you heard it right! Door hardware such as knobs, locks and handles are the dwelling place for billions of harmful bacteria, viruses and germs. And now in the age of coronavirus, it takes seconds to spread the infection if you are in frequent contact with every object including doorknobs and locks. This makes it obvious for you to regularly disinfect door hardware because it’s one of the most frequently touched objects at home. 

Now, to prevent the spread of the virus, the leading lock manufacturing companies have come up with a sustainable solution. Well, all thanks to the latest technology that has made it possible to produce doorknobs and locks that helps in protecting against microbial and bacterial growth. It’s important to consider installing these door knobs and locks and only a residential locksmith can you with that.

How do doorknobs and locks repel germs and microbes?

The antimicrobial and antibacterial doorknobs and locks made from trial and tested materials help protect your home from germs. The manufacturers use micronized antibacterial silver to cover the silicone doorknob. This silicone doorknob uses the natural bacteria-killing properties of silver from the micronized antibacterial silver coat to get rid of microbes. And hence, it repels germs and microbes. These doorknobs and locks are elegantly designed with an antimicrobial cover so that they can go well with any type of door. 

Benefits of Antimicrobial and Antibacterial doorknobs and locks:

1. They offer the most effective solution:

In earlier days, through research, it was found that copper has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties. It significantly reduces the transmission of diseases as most bacteria and viruses fail to survive on copper material. And hence, it was the most effective and easy way to resolve the issue by replacing steel and plastic door locks with copper ones. Likewise, doorknobs and locks coated with silver can significantly reduce infection risk, offering up to 99% protection. And as discussed above, now the leading lock manufacturers have introduced advanced doorknobs and locks coated with antibacterial silver finish. This silver layer has similar antimicrobial properties to copper and has proven even more useful. 

2. Reduces the spread of microbes:

The antimicrobial coating on doorknobs and locks prevents the multiplication and spread of viruses and bacteria. With the standard doorknobs and locks, the microbes can quickly spread throughout the household, and infect people. The antibacterial silver coating is effective because they destruct bacterial cell multiplication therefore it reduces the spread of microbes. 

3. Less hassle of cleaning

With antimicrobial and antibacterial doorknobs and locks, you can avoid the hassle of cleaning frequently. However, it’s recommended to clean locks, doorknobs, and handles regularly to whether it’s coated with antimicrobial protection layer or not. The doorknobs and locks with antimicrobial layer require less maintenance as compared to the standard ones because of the reduced infection risk. This extra layer on doorknobs and locks will not only protect from virus and bacteria but also protects from fungi and molds. Apart from these regular cleaning will help to maintain locks, doorknobs and handles.

4. Long-lasting 

It has proven that the antimicrobial coatings last for a long time. So be worry-free and feel more secure with Antimicrobial and antibacterial doorknobs and locks. So, why purchase the standard doorknobs and locks that don’t help you in protecting from bacteria and viruses. Instead invest in these antimicrobial ones that can help solve your problem keeping you safe. 

Brands offering Antimicrobial and antibacterial doorknobs and locks:

As of now Kwikset and Schlage are the top two brands offering Antimicrobial and Antibacterial doorknobs and locks with different finishes. Kwikset brand has introduced Microban technology – a powerful extra layer of antimicrobial protection coated on the Kwikset door hardware products. Microban helps in keeping your doorknobs and looks cleaner and fresher. 

Make your home a safer place with Antimicrobial and antibacterial doorknobs and locks:

Mobile Auto Locksmith Portland Oregon
Mobile Auto Locksmith Portland Oregon

Antimicrobial and Antibacterial doorknobs and locks can significantly decrease the risk of microbial and antibacterial disease transmission. If you are planning to upgrade your doorknobs and locks from standard to antimicrobial ones in Portland, you should consider taking help from a professional locksmith. 

We at Locksmith Monkey in PDX, specialize in upgrading security with the latest technology and trends. And we understand that Antimicrobial and Antibacterial door hardware is need of the hour because of the unprecedented COVID-19 breakout. So, we offer immediate assistance for all our valuable customers. As one of the most trusted locksmiths, we not only help you improve your security with Antimicrobial and Antibacterial doorknobs and locks but also fix all types of lock and key problems. For more information, contact Locksmith Monkey today!

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