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8 Inexpensive ways to upgrade your home security

8 Inexpensive ways to upgrade your home security

upgrade your home security

In today’s world, crimes are still on the rise and one of which is home burglaries. They are very high even in colonies with high gun ownership. This might be attributed to the timing of the burglaries and the majority takes place when nobody is home. If no one is watching your home, it is an easy target. With the raging increase in burglaries in Portland, there are chances that your home will be targeted at some point. So, it has become a necessity to make your home burglar-proof. Anything that you can do to reduce those odds is a good idea and even better if those ideas are inexpensive to upgrade your home security.

Below listed are the 8 inexpensive ways to increase security to your home:

Always Lock Doors and Windows

Windows are the weakest point of entry. It eases the burglar to break into your house if they are open. Putting locks on windows and doors will help to upgrade your home security. There are highly effective and affordable locks available in the market. Take the help of a professional locksmith and upgrade the locks on all doors and windows and use them always.

Hang an alarm sign

It is a known fact that alarm systems are expensive. It is beyond many people’s budget. But that does not mean you cannot benefit from them. All you require is a sign (alarm sign). Display the sign on your front yard, such that it is evident enough for anyone that may plan to enter your home. You do not want it to be overly visible, but you want it to be noticed. 

Get a dog

Dogs are overly attentive, has sharp ears and can sense any danger approaching you or your home. It barks and alerts when someone who probably shouldn’t be there is present around. Criminals always avoid attention. Barking dogs increases their risk of being caught. So, they are likely to avoid looting your home.

Remove shrubbery and do a little landscaping

If you have got shrubbery covering your windows and doors, you should remove it. Removing the shrubbery increases the risk for the criminal. Having Shrubbery around your home is totally fine. It is all about how they are placed. All that you got to do is making sure that it is not a hiding place for criminals.

Install Motion Sensors

Nothing is more suspicious than an outdoor light left on from dusk to dawn over a long period of time. Install motion sensors or infrared controlled outdoor lighting. They are affordable and easy to install. A sudden spotlight is pretty much enough to convince a thief to give up on his attempt.

Avoid keeping valuables in plain sight

If it does not seem like you have much to steal, it is enough to discourage burglars to not target your house and move on to the next house. Keep your car in the garage. Do not keep your big TV close to the windows. In case you just got something new and expensive, do not leave the box outside your home or by the street.

Install surveillance cameras in your home

Cameras prove to be an effective deterrent to crimes. With the accessibility and affordability of surveillance cameras, it is a very odd decision to not have them installed. Every homeowner needs to install video cameras in and around the house. With the recent advancement of technology, you can be in any part of the world and still keep a watch on your home.

Do not let them know you are away from home

If you are gone away from your home for a long time, it is a good idea to have your neighbours collect your mail, mow your lawn and do other things that prevent your home from looking empty. If in case you aren’t friendly with your neighbours, you can leave some lights on in the house to indicate that someone is home. Beware when changing your status on social media. It can be a major hint to burglars to plan the burglary and execute it without getting caught. If you are not quite sure to share the post, wait until after you are back home to share your vacation highlights.

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