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7 Foolproof tips to avoid losing your car keys

7 Foolproof tips to avoid losing your car keys

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Losing keys is pretty common these days. It always results in scrambling furiously until the keys are found a few minutes later. Sometimes, it messes up our work and commitments as we can’t find the keys and don’t have a spare set conveniently available. That can result in losing time and much more inconveniences. The problem can lead to nuisances. Replacing the lost car keys can also turn quite expensive. It’s important to have fool proof plans to avoid losing your car keys so that you don’t deal with any of these shenanigans. 

At Locksmith Monkey in Portland, our automotive locksmiths recommend these 7 foolproof ways to avoid losing your car keys:

1.     Get a Key Chain/Key Ring

This one might seem obvious, but many people actually don’t have key chains/keyrings. The bigger the keychain/keyring, the more chances for your key to be noticed is more. It’s much easier to lose a single key than one that is attached to a Chain. If you are forgetful, you can also attach them to something you surely can’t forget to bring with you.

2.     Design a Spot for your Keys:

Always have a designated spot for your car keys/fobs. When you have a routine, you are less likely to forget to do something. Many people use a wall-mounted key holder or a small drawer. Others do leave them on the refrigerator, a sock drawer or even a kitchen chair. The location isn’t as important as ensuring that you always choose the same spot. You will start putting the keys in thereby habit, and you’ll always know where to find them. As long as you’re consistent, you’re less likely to forget where you left them.

3.     Declutter Key Spot

All the above tips may work well for you, but if your space is a mess, you might not be able to find anything. You may end up losing a lot of time trying to find your keys. So, stay clean, label the keys, and organise them.

4.     Get a Spare Set of Keys

If you don’t already have a spare set of keys, get some made. Don’t wait up until you lose your keys to order a spare set. It is a small investment that can save you an even bigger investment (and lots of frustration) down the road. Be sure to always keep these spare keys in the same spot or somewhere where you will be able to access them, such as with a friend or in a hidden box. You really don’t want to lose your spare keys in addition to your regular keys!

5.     Get a Bluetooth Tracker

We do have technological solutions for everything these days, such as key finder apps or Bluetooth trackers. Shop around to find trackers that are affordable, reliable and what works best for you. One of the most popular Bluetooth trackers is Tile.

6.     Take Notes / Create Reminders

Placing sticky notes has a lot of benefits in your life, especially if you are a very forgetful person. Create a note for your regular spot until you get into the habit of knowing where it is. It is just a matter of routine practice.

7.     Double Check Before You Leave

Always get into the habit of rechecking your pockets or handbag/wallet before leaving the room, house or car. Make sure you have them on hand, so you don’t accidentally lock yourself out of your home or vehicle. If that happens, you will need emergency lockout services.

Losing your car key can be quite a frustrating experience. Try to stay calm. It is a general rule of thumb for every stressful situation you may find yourself in. Panicking will only make things worse. Instead, stay calm and focus on reasonable steps you can take to find a solution.

What To Do If You Lost Your Car Keys?

If you lost your keys and have no spare key, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. File a police complaint

If you have misplaced/lost your car keys outside, you should immediately inform the police authorities about the same. Just in case of accidental misplacement, lodge a Non-Cognizable Report (NCR) with the police. While doing so, you should state the details, the date and location, including the approximate time of loss. In case of any theft, you should consider filing First Information Report (FIR).

2. Contact Automotive Locksmiths

One of the best and reliable option is contacting a professional automotive locksmith. You can find the nearest local locksmith in your proximity to get a new lock and key system for your car. It is always. When doing this, you also need to provide some information including the type of keys – traditional key, transponder key, smart key, or keyless entry remote, etc.

Locksmith Monkey: Your car key expert in PDX

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If you ever do find yourself with lost keys and locked out in PDX, Locksmith Monkey is your go-to expert. Our auto locksmiths can cut and program any key irrespective of your car brand, make and model and help you get back into your car. We do make a spare set for you to keep on hand in case you ever lose your keys, as well. Hopefully, the above tips will help you avoid losing car keys or fobs. If you are planning on getting a car key replacement, just to be on the safer side, call us to order a spare set of keys or save our number in your phone to keep on hands if you are ever locked out of your car.

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