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6 Reasons Why Your Office Should Be Re-keyed

6 Reasons Why Your Office Should Be Re-keyed

6 Reasons Why Your Office Should Be Re-keyed

Keeping your business secure from unauthorized access is one of your most significant responsibilities as a business owner. Ultimately, you are responsible for the sensitive information of your employees, business partners, and customers. Furthermore, you may even have cash on hand, along with valuable equipment and goods.

Rekeying your locks when necessary is one way to keep all your assets safe.

We’ve compiled a list of six situations where rekeying your locks may be necessary.

  1. You just purchased or built a brand new building

Your building’s locks and keys may have been copied during construction. It is common for realtors and construction crews to have lent keys to other people that needed access to the building as it was being built.

Don’t be afraid to take precautions. Before moving anything of value into the building, make sure the locks have been rekeyed by a locksmith.

  1. You’ve just purchased a pre-owned building

Buildings that are previously owned have even more problems than those that are newly constructed. Previous tenants may have copied keys for friends, family members, or vendors. It would be possible for anyone of those people to enter your office using their key.

Using modern technologies like electronic signatures inside your keys, you can completely control who has a key and who doesn’t. Rekey to gain complete control of your premises.

  1. There was a break-in at your office

A break-in may have already occurred. It is not safe to assume that your locks are still secure after an intruder enters even through a window or an accessible door. It is possible that the burglar took a spare key before leaving. The smartest thing to do is change your locks or rekey them when that occurs.

  1. A key was lost by you or an employee of yours

Losing a key outside your office or near your premises can be a safety hazard. Ensure your workers report missing keys right away. Replace the locks around your property if you are not able to locate the key. Your company’s security should not be risked on the assumption that someone won’t use the lost key.

  1. You terminated or let go someone who promised to retaliate

Your employee may still have ill will toward your company, regardless of how fair you were with him or her while working for you. Unhappy employees may also give their keys to someone else who will break in even if they don’t break in themselves. Therefore, rekey the locks if you suspect that an ex-employee may endanger your company.

  1. Wear and tear on your keys

Older buildings with older locks will eventually need replacement keys because they will corrode, deform, and decay. If your employees’ keys don’t work smoothly, tell them to let you know. A lock and key replacement may be needed if more than one employee is having trouble with them.

Get in touch with a trustworthy locksmith company in your area if any of the above circumstances apply to your business. Locksmiths can help you keep your office secure

Whenever you need security for your premises, Locksmith Monkey is there to help. All of your locksmith needs can be handled by us 24/7. You can reach us at (503) 866-9922 to receive a free estimate.

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