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6 Reasons to Repair Commercial Door Locks in Portland

6 Reasons to Repair Commercial Door Locks in Portland

6 Reasons to Repair Commercial Door Locks in Portland

Top reasons why Home or Business door locks may require repair

Any business or homeowner might want to consider keeping their door locks in good condition to prevent potential thefts and to ensure the safety of their property.

The following are six reasons why your door locks may need to be repaired:

Repair Commercial Door Locks in Portland_key broke inside your lock

  1. Your key broke inside your lock

    A broken key stuck in your lock prevents you from entering your home or office. A locksmith from Locksmith Monkey will remove the key from the cylinder at your location.  Furthermore, a new key can be created when we arrive at your place.

  2. Door Alignment issue

    If the latch bolt and strike plate are not aligned, the latch may not operate smoothly.  Of course, a latch adjustment can fix this easily.   In addition, it may also be necessary to reposition the entire door. Our locksmiths can handle that for you.

  3. Can’t turn your key

    If it is impossible to turn the key once it is inserted, the lock may be clogged with dirt or debris. Of course, our locksmiths will clean and lubricate your lock’s latch component for optimal operation.

  1. Loose door knobs

    Certainly, as doorknobs age, they loosen. How we secure your doorknob will depend on the lockset on your doors.  Whereas, a qualified locksmith can tighten the doorknobs to insure optimal performance.

  2. The deadbolt got stuck

    When a deadbolt is stuck, the door strike plate and the deadbolt are probably misaligned. If necessary, our locksmiths will realign these or reposition the door so the deadbolt works.

  3. Improper Weather Stripping

In many cases, a malfunctioning door lock is caused by weather stripping on your front door. Furthermore, deterioration of the outside paint and decay causes the latch of the door lock to slowly deteriorate. As such, your front door’s weather stripping will need to be replaced or removed completely if this is the situation.

Maintaining, repairing or replacing your door locks are part of Locksmith Monkey’s service.

Call us anytime, and one of our 24/7 technicians will be able to fix your problems in no time.  No matter what time of day or night it is, you can contact Locksmith Monkey anytime at (503) 465-4595.  We are one of the top locksmith companies in Portland, Oregon for residential, commercial and automotive needs.


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