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6 Most Common Car Lock Issues: Locksmith Monkey

6 Most Common Car Lock Issues: Locksmith Monkey

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Car locks are a very important part of a vehicle. It is the first thing that prevents car thieves from stealing your car, and it is also what allows you to lock your car when leaving it unattended. Locks are one of the most vulnerable components of any vehicle. The keyless entry system has been around for a while, but it is still subject to common problems that can make every driver’s life miserable. Maintaining your car’s locks is pretty simple if you know what to look for. If you notice that you’re having trouble locking or unlocking your door, there could be car lock issues.

There are many different issues that can occur regarding car locks:

Faulty wiring

Auto manufacturers have been dealing with a common problem in their car door locks. The problem lies in the wiring, specifically in the lock cylinder, which is what causes the doors to unlock when they shouldn’t. These glitches can result in serious injuries and even deaths. In fact, faulty wiring is actually the leading cause of car accidents today.

Issue with actuator

Car door lock actuators play a vital role in keeping your vehicle’s security intact. If you’ve ever had issues with your car door locks, then you know just how much of an inconvenience this can be. Most often than not, the problem involves the car door lock actuator failing to properly engage when needed, either locking or unlocking the doors.

Issues with key fob

A car door lock doesn’t open due to key fob problem is a common thing these days which makes your life miserable. It’s an irritating situation where you are stuck at the parking lot with no one to help you out.

Car door lock doesn’t open due to key fob problem The fact that one of the most important features of a car is its security system, it’s even more essential that you are able to get into your car when you need it. If you’re having trouble opening your car door with the key fob because it won’t work, there are several things that can cause this problem.

Blown fuse

Car door locks can be a hassle to open, especially when they do not respond the way you expect them to. Most of the time, this problem is caused by blown fuses. If your car door lock does not respond whether you use the key or try to unlock it with the remote control, then there’s a high chance that your fuse has blown out. You need to replace it immediately before you get stranded on the road and risk getting robbed by potential car thieves.

Key fob battery issue

This is a common problem if your key fob battery dies. The only way to open the door is by using the manual lock on the inside of your car. This is because if you press down on the button to unlock it, it won’t release because there’s no power. However, this can be fixed by replacing the batteries in the key fobs.

Faulty locks

Car door locks are a lot more complicated than most people realize. There are many different types of locks for doors, including deadbolts, lever lock cylinders, and knob locks. The most common type of door lock is the cylindrical kind that resembles a doorknob. These types of locks require special tools to open them in case there is an emergency or if you have broken your car door lock. 

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When it comes to car, you face a lot of car lock issues. It’s important to have a working knowledge of the various car lock issues you might encounter so that you can take action in case you need to replace your locks.

We hope this article has helped you understand some of the common issues that come up with car locks and how to prevent them from happening again. If you want more information on car lock services or want to get in touch with our team.

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