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5 Best Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Locks That Enhance Your Security

5 Best Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Locks That Enhance Your Security

5 Best Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Locks That Enhance Your Security


Security has always been of paramount concern from the ages of ancient civilizations. And the twenty first (21) century is no exception, as security solutions especially with regards to unauthorized physical access has continued to evolve at a tremendous pace thanks to an ever- dynamic technological front.

Fingerprint locks seem to be the rave of the moment given their growing acceptance among home owners and locksmiths. However, so much remains to be known about these locks largely due to the relatively huge costs of acquiring some of these technological wonders of locks and the general reluctance exhibited by certain cultures towards technology of the sorts. Something noteworthy is the fact that the prices of locks have been on a gradual decline over the years. Despite still wearing expensive tags, most KEYLESS DEADBOLT manufacturers have continued to work towards ensuring that home owners can own FINGERPRINT DEADBOLT DOOR LOCKS without having to break their budget.

Here are 5 of the best Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Locks worth considering to ensure an enhanced level of security within your premises.


  • ultraloq electronic door locks ul3 sn 64 1000

    ultraloq electronic door locks ul3 fingerprint deadbolt door locks


The Ultraloq UL3 is indeed a Keyless lock solution as it sports mobile phone and finger print access feature to mention but a few, it also scores high points in versatility given the number of other possible methods available for granting access.

Thanks to a low energy Bluetooth connectivity feature, you can now gain access by using the Ultaloq app on your smartphone. Similarly, you can knock on your mobile device four times to gain access, however this feature is available for only Ios users. The droid faithful are not left out of gimmicky bits of technology like this and as such, you may use your android device to gain access by waking up your phone (enabling the screen) and shaking it.

With a 1 year assured battery life, thanks to steps taken towards ensuring low energy consumption, you can now enjoy keyless access to your premise without having to worry about failing batteries all year long.

The UL3 FINGERPRINT DEADBOLT is fully compliant with IP65, which implies a lock which can be installed anywhere regardless of environmental factors such as dust and water. It allows for a maximum of 95 fingerprints and a finger print identification time of less than 0.5 seconds.

And just in case you find yourself in the very unlikely situation of having lost your codes, and your phone, there is a provision for a mechanical key located at the bottom of the lock.

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    NEXTBOLT NX4 BIOMETRIC fingerprint deadbolt door locks

Nextbolt NX4 is yet another exceptional challenger on the list of top Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Locks. The NX4 possesses a couple of distinct features from most of the other Fingerprint Deadbolt locks. This distinct features of the NX4 such as it’s high pitched alarm which very easily gathers attention in the event of a burglary attempt and its non-handedness making it a fit for left or right swing doors make it all the more desirable.

The NXT is a beautifully crafted deadbolt lock but that doesn’t affect its functionality, it has a maximum biometric storage capacity of 99 fingerprints. With a warranty period of 2 years at a cost of about $229.95 and the weather resistance feature of this lock, you can really be secured without throwing aesthetics out the window.

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The L100KD from Anviz offers top notch security in two variants. The first being the Finger Print and Keypad model and the second the Finger Print and RFID model.  The engineers at Anviz, have managed to build an exceptional lock in terms of functionality and also managed to give the L100KD a beautiful outward appearance. A solid zinc alloy set as the front panel ensures that you have no concerns about moisture getting into your lock and causing the kind of havoc water causes when uncontrolled. A nixie tube display keeps you in the know under the sun or in the rain, and it also comes with a led indicator and music buzzer, (Imagine how awesome it’ll be to have to listen to your favorite song every time you walk in the door).

The ANVIZ L100KD fingerprint and keypad deadbolt is made to enable very easy installation for the DIY junkies among us.

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The EKEY home fingerprint access system would go for anywhere between $752.40 – $936.70 which is quite an expensive purchase in comparison with most of the other Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Locks on this list. But like the old saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover”

For starters, the EKEY Home fingerprint solution is a standalone access solution. This simply implies that all programming, adding and removal of biometric information is executed on the access system itself, (talk about killing weak links).

The EKEY solution might not be the easiest access system to install, especially if you are not a DIY junkie. However, it is the simplest with regards its working principle.

Basically, there are three parts of the system, the outside unit (scanner), the inside unit (controller), along with a power supply. The outside unit is programmed with the biometric information of supposed users, and acts as an identifier when a fingerprint is placed on the scanner. It scans the fingerprint and compares the results with the registered fingerprints in its database. If a match is found, the controller switches the relay to either of two positions, either on or off, and the door opens. The power supply as the name implies is obviously there for the supply of power.

The degradation of the EKEY access solution into different parts also guarantees longevity of product use seeing that when the power supply fails, there is no need to change the entire system, like-wise the controller. From a technical view point, this also enables easier identification of issues that may arise, not that issues arise.

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  • iTouchless Silver Left-Handed Electronic Entry Door Lever
    iTouchless Silver Left-Handed Electronic Entry Door Lever

    iTouchless Silver Left-Handed Electronic Entry Door Lever


Thanks to a Cotemporary design all worked in brass, the iTouchless access solution provides a completely efficient keyless entry system which can recognize over 150 fingerprints and 78 pin codes. It’s safe to say that all things with the synonym “i” have got the memory thing going. The highlight of this keyless biometric solution is its “Live Layer” optical sensor technology which boasts of a false identification rate of less than 0.0001%. And to add icing on a sweet cake, you can install this state of the art solution all by yourself, if you are into that kind of thing.


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In conclusion, all Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Locks on this list enhance your security tremendously, the issue lies in your preferences in aesthetics or manner of functionality as the case may be.






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