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4 Tips for Commercial Door Lock Repair

4 Tips for Commercial Door Lock Repair

It’s important that all of your locks are working properly so that your business, employees, and clients are safe. For this task, commercial door lock repair might be your best choice. Our locksmiths have all the tools and knowledge to restore your commercial building’s locks.

Take into account the following information when it comes to your commercial door lock repair:

1. How to Open a Commercial Lock

The door needs to be opened before any aspect of commercial door lock repair can begin.

Through bypasses, it is possible to open various types of commercial locks without having to deal with faulty keyways. Drilling the lock open may be necessary if the lock is too secure and badly broken, which usually ends in a replacement.

The door can be opened by a locksmith. Commercial door lock repair is easier with professional expertise into the process. In some cases, a locksmith may be able to use brute force to gain access without completely ruining the lock.

2. Identifying the Problem

It’s important to diagnose the problem accurately for commercial door lock repair. Unless you have experience with commercial lock mechanisms, this is very difficult to do yourself.

It can be quite complex to deal with electronic door locks in commercial buildings. Identifying and resolving electrical issues requires the help of a professional as soon as they arise.

Touch screens and scanners can become out of calibration for fingerprint door locks. Besides the standard mechanical breaks associated with broken locks, there may also be software glitches or energy outages.

You might only need to adjust the door strike plate if it isn’t related to the lock. Errors can also occur. Hence, if you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong, the fault might not be with the lock.

Important points to remember:

  • Understanding is the key to repairing.
  • A professional will essentially always be needed for electronic locks.
  • Repairing commercial door locks may not be necessary.
  • Locks can be misaligned or malfunction due to operator error or a misaligned strike plate.

3. Lock repair for commercial doors

Commercial door lock repair: what does it mean? Basically, it involves restoring full operation to an original lock instead of replacing it with a new one. A simple solution could be using a lock grease or replacing a number of internal parts.  The easiest solution could be to grease the lock

You can clean out dirt or rust that causes tighter fit with lubrication. The lock should still be cleaned to fully eliminate whatever caused the problem. It only takes a few minutes to swap out small broken parts.

Since mortise locks are designed to be repaired, it is almost always possible to avoid their replacement. Changing latches, springs, or cylinders is easy in this modular lock and could be the perfect solution.

If you choose to replace the lock, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars on new locks (and incur inconvenience and costs) if your business uses high-security door locks.

4. Lock replacement for commercial doors

If you decide to replace the entire lock at once, it is called a commercial lock replacement. It’s fairly simple. To begin, you must open the door and remove the existing lock. Installing commercial locks is the next step.

In addition to working properly, the new lock must not infringe building regulations or undermine your security if it isn’t installed correctly.

Changing a broken lock for a similar style and brand could eliminate any ambiguity.  Despite the fact that you will gain peace of mind by replacing the lock to an identical one, you will have to sacrifice security upgrades that are available with newer locks. If you feel comfortable with your current level of physical security and safety, then it’s fine.

5.  Final thoughts

As far as the security of your office is concerned, it all depends on the quality of your locks as well as their reliability. As an alternative to getting a new lock when what you have breaks, you can opt to have your commercial door lock repaired instead of getting a new one. The only thing you will need to do is open your door and diagnose the problem before you can begin the repair process.

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