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10 easy steps to Secure your Business: Locksmith Monkey

10 easy steps to Secure your Business: Locksmith Monkey

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There’s nothing worse than losing something valuable or being at risk of losing something valuable. If you have customers coming into your store, they may not realize just how much they’re risking by leaving their valuables out in the open. It only takes seconds for someone to walk off with thousands of dollars worth. So, it’s important to secure your business from forthcoming risks. 

Here are the 10 easy steps that can help you secure your business: 

1. Keep your business premises clean

When you own a business space keeping it clean and neat is highly recommended. If you have office stuff laying around, it can invite unwanted guests like burglars as it can give them a means of breaking in. So, it’s crucial to keep your business premises clean so that it doesn’t give the opportunity for intruders to break-in. 

2. Safeguard your entry points

It’s quite obvious to have multiple entry points when you own a business. But always make sure you limit your entry points so that it will be easy to secure and manage your office space and also prevent burglars to enter from less-used entry points.

3. Keep your asset record up to date

Do you keep your business assets up to date? If not, do it right away! Because it can help you keep track of your valuables and in case you lose anything you can always take help from the police, and they can track it down. 

4. Upgrade your security with a robust lock system.

Installing deadbolts and integrating them with other lock systems can make it harder for criminals to enter your business. In addition, you should also consider locking your windows too. A local locksmith can help with advice on what type of lock system you need to protect your property and how to deal with lock maintenance.

5. Upgrade your Glass Doors and Windows

The glass doors and windows are the weakest entry points if not upgraded with a high quality one or integrate with a robust security system. Glass doors can be easily kicked off and one thing that you need to always remember is not all glass provide the same level of protection. It offers a different level of protection as it’s made from different materials. So, it’s important to upgrade your glass doors and windows to shatter-proof ones. 

6. Install monitored alarm systems

Alarm systems are the best security elements that can help prevent the entry of burglars. Unmonitored office space can be more prone to break-ins so, an alarm system is recommended. You can find a wide range of alarm systems in the market but, having a monitored alarm system will help to track and follow-up suspicious incidents in real-time.  

7. Secure your valuables in a safe

The major valuables for any business are cash and confidential documents. And if it gets into the wrong hands your business can be at high risk. So, installing a safe is highly recommended where you can store all your valuables safely in a safe that no burglar can be able to access them. 

8. Provide accurate location 

If your business is at high risk, then it is important that the cops and other emergency services get there as quickly as possible. Make sure your business can be easily located so that they can come to your rescue. 

9. Don’t be an easy target

Burglars target the properties that have weak security. So, make your business security so robust that it makes it super hard and difficult for them to break-in. And also make sure you make a smart move by re-arranging your valuables in your business space so that they can’t be accessed by burglars.

10. Secure your devices and data 

Some burglars are super smart, and they can hack your accounts in no time. So, make sure you secure all your devices such as laptops, desktops and most importantly your data are protected with strong passwords.  


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When it comes to securing your business, we are sure there are a lot of ways that you can implement secure your business, but these ten easy steps can make your life easy. 

Whether you are opening a new business or just want to make sure your security is in tip-top shape, hiring a locksmith can be an important step. With the right commercial locksmiths on your side, you can rest easy knowing that all your security needs will be met with the highest quality and attention to detail.

If you are looking to upgrade security for your business, make sure to contact Locksmith Monkey in PDX. We are one of the most reliable Portland locksmiths who has been providing locksmith services for over a decade. We also deal with a wide range of lock and key issues. All our commercial locksmiths are specially trained to work on any type of issue. 

If you’d like to learn more about keeping your business secure, make sure to check out our blog post on- The benefits of a Master Key System for your Business. Do check it out and let us know if you need any assistance!

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