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10 Different Types of Keys

10 Different Types of Keys

Lock and key are the main reason for the existence and evolution of security. A key is an important security element that helps to protect your property and vehicles from burglars. Without a key, your lock cannot be opened. Every person owns at least one key in their lifetime. As owners of the house, business and vehicle, it is important to have a basic knowledge about keys and their types that are available in the market. There is a broad spectrum of different types of locks and keys that exist today. And here is a list of some of the common types of keys to check out:

10 different types of keys:

1. Skeleton Key: 

Skeleton keys have a sleek cylindrical shaft with a set of teeth at the end. These keys are used to open warded locks. Now, these keys are no longer in use, and It’s mostly kept as an antique collection. 

2. Double-Sided & Four-Sided Key:

These keys are most commonly used for home locks. They either have two or four sets of teeth at the end of the key. Most locksmiths recommend a four-sided key because of it’s durability compared to two teeth and it makes the lock robust and makes it difficult to pick. 

3. Transponder Key:

These keys are quite common in modern vehicles. They are equipped with a microchip that is specially programmed to start a particular car. Because of the complicated feature of the key, it reduces the possibility of car theft. Just in case you lose your transponder key it is difficult to duplicate and only a automotive locksmith can help.

4. Dimple Key:

These keys have concave-shaped dimples that match with two sets of pins inside the lock. When the pins get aligned inside the lock, they look the same way on each side. So they need not be turned to a specific side to open the lock. 

5. Tubular Key:

The tubular key is also sometimes called the barrel key. These are specially designed keys that have a cylindrical shaft that is used to unlock tubular pin tumbler locks. This key is often used for ring locks, bikes and more. 

6. Padlock Key:

Padlocks are the rectangle-shaped lock with a key. These keys can be easily recognized because to their small size and they are mostly used for houses or offices. So, If you lose your padlock key it can be duplicated easily from the brand’s specifications. 

7. VAT Key:

Vehicle Anti-Theft (VAT) keys improve your vehicle’s safety and security. They act as an upgrade to your normal key that includes adding a security chip to the key so that it makes it super difficult for the intruders to open the car door. 

8. Magnetic Key:

These types of keys rely on magnets. When the magnets are aligned correctly due to magnetic force it will create push or pull inside the lock hence, it helps to lock and unlock. This is a passive type of locking system that doesn’t need any kind of additional electronics to make it work. 

9. Abloy Key:

Abloy key is used on disc tumbler locks and These keys are gaining popularity these days because it makes it impossible to pick. 

10. Paracentric Key:

These keys are used for special high-security situations such as prison. They are made up of small teeth with an odd blade shape and deters lock picking so that the thieves can’t escape from the prison cell. 

What type of keys can a locksmith make?

With the advancement of technology, security solutions have evolved and now there are different types of modern keys available to make your property and vehicles more secure. A professional locksmith can make any type of key based on your requirements. From skeleton key to pancreatic key, they cover it all. They are trained and certified to make the keys by using the right tools and equipment. But there is one thing to keep in mind that in some cases they DO NOT duplicate the keys for legal reasons.

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