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10 Common door lock problems: Locksmith Monkey, Portland

10 Common door lock problems: Locksmith Monkey, Portland

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Every home, commercial building, office or vehicle is guarded with door locks. They help to keep the outside world from getting into your home and vice versa. From the simplest of lock-and-key mechanisms to more sophisticated deadbolts, there are many options for keeping your home safe from intruders. But sometimes your door locks can go wrong and stop working. It’s often hard to understand what the problem is. Some of the most common door lock problems is not having them installed properly or having faulty hardware. That can cause issues with both locking and unlocking doors. 

So, we at Locksmith Monkey in PDX have listed out some common door lock problems that come up frequently:

Misaligned Door Latch:

A misaligned door latch is a common problem for homeowners in Portland. The door will not latch completely, or it will become stuck in the jamb due to poor alignment of the latch. When this happens, it is obvious that you need to fix the problem quickly before anyone gets hurt!

Loose door locks:

If you have a loose door lock, chances are that your property is not secured properly. A loose door lock can allow someone to get into your home if they get hold of the key. In severe cases, a thief might be able to break the lock and force his way in. If your door is already damaged from forceful entry, you should call a local Portland locksmith immediately.

Faulty door lock mechanism:

A door lock system is considered faulty when it does not work effectively or efficiently. It can cause problems at various levels, depending on the degree of failure. However, the most common problems encountered with a faulty door locking mechanism are insecure doors and vandalism. The first step towards repairing a faulty door lock is to identify what exactly is wrong with it. This way, you can determine whether the problem lies with the locking system itself or with other factors affecting its functionality.

Broken key in the lock:

If your key is broken, it typically means that the tip of the key has snapped off. The piece of metal where the key was broken will need to be removed from the lock. It can be difficult to remove it by yourself hence, taking assistance from a professional residential locksmith in Portland is recommended. They can help in extracting the broken key from the lock.

Difficult to insert the key in the lock

Have you ever faced a situation like this- Where you have a key, and you find it super difficult to insert into the lock? Well, we understand how frustrating it can be. In such situations, you might try using some force or twisting it but then realize that either approach will likely break the key, and if not the key, then the lock, and if not both at least one of them. So, when you face this issue it’s best to call a locksmith who can help you fix this issue by using the right tools without breaking your lock or key. 

The key turns but doesn’t lock

This problem can arise due to a mechanical problem with the lock. A small worn or maybe a fallen part can also keep your key turning in the lock. And this can only be fixed by a professional locksmith who understands the lock mechanism well. However, sometimes you can try fixing this by spraying lubricant to the keyhole. 

Broken lock:

There are a lot of things that can give you a headache if something goes wrong. One of them is when your lock gets broken. In this case, you won’t be able to get in and out of your house easily without breaking the door or ringing someone from outside all the time. To avoid this situation, it is better to call the locksmith as soon as possible to fix it in no time. 

Jammed locks: 

If you have a jammed lock, then it is very important that you fix it as quickly as possible. This is because if the jamming causes any damage to the locking mechanism, then you will need to replace the entire lock. Replacing a lock can be expensive but fixing the lock, will save money and time. 

Frozen locks: 

In the winter, locks freeze and can be difficult to open. In most cases, a simple tap with a hard object will break the lock-free from ice. If you don’t have something to hit it with, try shaking the door handle really fast. This will rapidly heat up your knob or deadbolt and cause a small explosion of steam when it hits the frozen metal which should help loosen up any ice that’s built upon it.

External force:

When your door is stuck or the lock is stuck, you try to open it by applying an unnecessary amount of external force to the locking mechanism. This can cause damage to the door as well as the lock. So, it’s highly important that you avoid applying an external force to prevent the risk of damage. 

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We hope you can relate to the above-mentioned lock problems that you commonly face in day-to-day life. While it’s recommended to call professional locksmiths for any door lock problems, if you are experiencing these 10 common problems with your door lock, don’t hesitate to contact Locksmith Monkey in PDX for help. This will save you time and money. 

We provide fast and effective solutions to any problem you may encounter with your locks, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is secure.

All of our locksmiths are highly skilled and friendly. They have years of experience that they can pass on to help solve your lock and key problem quickly. 

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